Ashley Olsen has “a thing” for older men

Ashley Olsen reportedly has a new man in her life. A much older man…

The fashion designer – who was previously seeing George Condo, 59, David Schulte, 47, and Bennett Miller, 49 – is now linked to a “big wig” named Richard Sachs, who is reportedly in his late 50s.

The two were seen at an exercise class at Flywheel Flatiron in New York and many attendees noticed how flirtatious they were.

An insider shared with New York Post’s Page Six column: “They sat in the front row of the spin class and rode on bikes next to each other. They were ­affectionate after the class, despite being sweaty. She covered up in a big jacket and huge black sunglasses.

They were canoodling and cuddly when they left holding hands. He looked like he could be twice her age. There’s no way that’s his natural hair colour.”

And the two were also spotted a few days prior to the class hanging around the Hamptons together.

The star’s new love interest is described as a divorced entrepreneur in the art space who frequently travels between New York, St. Barts, and Malibu.

A source explained: “He has a lot of money from working in ­finance. He’s a great guy who owns a lot of art. I believe he’s in his late 50s. He’s always at the art parties.”

Another one shared: “[He is] really good guy. His passion at this point in his life is supporting young artists. He is very private and a little eccentric.”

Despite the former child actress being spotted with George in the summer – with many claiming they looked quite romantic – a representative insisted at the time that the encounter was simply a business meeting and nothing more.

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