Ariel Winter thanks Sofia Vergara for boosting her confidence

Ariel Winter says she was once highly insecure about her body, but Sofia Vergara has helped her to love her curves.

She shared with People magazine: “I was very insecure when I was younger because I did grow up in the public eye.

But then as I got older, I was surrounded by people like Sofia Vergara, and people who were curvier like me and were proud of it. And who were showing it off. That really helped me to move forward and be proud of my body.”

The star had already praised Vergara in the past and the two have come close in part thanks to the long-running sitcom, Modern Family.

The 18-year-old actress had recently spoken up about online trolls, urging some Instagram followers to stop criticizing her figure and the way she shows off her body.

Winter wrote: “Every time someone bullies me online, it gives me a chance to re-emphasize to my fans, and even myself, how important self-acceptance is.

Those who say such harsh things on my Instagram, thank you for this opportunity – but the question I ask myself every time I read the mean comments is if this is how you talk to a stranger online, I can online imagine how cruelly you speak to yourself.”

Winter encouraged everyone to accept their flaws, as this is what essentially makes each individual unique.

She continued: “Stop the hate. Accept all that you are and know your flaws are what make you the PERFECT you. I love my fans and I love my bullies for what they truly NEED is love. Take the high road, there is less traffic. XO.”

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