Anna Kendrick wants to play a “badass” soldier

Anna Kendrick has portrayed quite a few characters and roles over the years and is currently one of the most in-demand actresses. However, she’s still waiting to play a World War II soldier someday but has no idea if or when it will happen.

She shared with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “There is a role I really want that I’ll probably never get. I want to play a soldier in World War II.”

The actress – who was once a fan of the hit series Band of Brothers – says she would thoroughly enjoy being involved in heavy combat, preferably if she gets to be a “badass.”

“Like ‘Band of Brothers‘ and ‘A Sister‘ or something. And don’t tell me I can play a nurse – that’s not the point.

I’m talking about being heroic and s**t. Risking my life for my country. The morality isn’t supergrey with World War II – not like modern wars which are ethically complicated and kind of a bummer. I want to be a badass.”

Meanwhile, Anna also says that some of her character traits don’t mix well with her career.

She shared: “My favorite qualities about myself are sometimes other people’s least favorite qualities about me.

I can be very exacting and practical, and sometimes in filmmaking, people want to just feel it and make magic happen.”

The actress was asked to provide more details, to which she replied: “OK, so I know you’re trying to frame me saying this line with the horse coming through at the right time. So why don’t I just keep yelling the line, and when the horse comes through, we’ll have the shot?

But lots of directors feel that’s not ‘art’. They think I’m being uppity. But if the horse needs to move through the frame let’s make it happen! I just want to execute the idea.”

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