Anna Kendrick gets frustrated with Twitter fans

Anna Kendrick is quite the avid social media user and is known for her consistently humorous posts. However, she revealed it’s frustrating when people don’t understand the point of her tweets.

The actress – who has over five million Twitter fans – explained to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “People don’t always get them. There was one where I thought ‘oh yeah, this is the one – they’re not ready for this!’ And it didn’t work at all.

It was: ‘I hate it when you can tell a comedian has done something just for the material. Like going on a blind date, or having children.’ And everyone was like, ‘oh you mean how they all talk about airplane food?’ Um, no?”

Despite embracing the spotlight both online and offline these days, she admitted this wasn’t always the case while growing up. The 31-year-old would routinely feel “painfully shy” and “super outgoing” depending on the occasion, and says she still suffers from this problem to this day.

“I get terrible imposter syndrome – ‘this has all been a terrible mistake!’ – and then there are times when I think I have so much more to prove.”

And although she is widely recognized as a Hollywood success, Anna had initially struggled on her way to fame. While facing multiple rejections, she also met many great actors along the way.

“I remember once coming back for round two of auditions, and the place was closed, so I was literally peering through the glass. It turned out my agent just sent me the call time from round one by accident.

So yeah, there were lots rejections and I had to go, ‘no, I’m definitely good at this, right?’ It helped knowing lots of other talented people who were also not working. Sometimes it’s just luck and timing.”

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