Anastacia is looking for love, but not marriage

Anastacia – who was once married to bodyguard Wayne Newton before breaking up three years later – revealed she’s still hoping to find her true love but is more focused on her career goals.

She told Now magazine: “My relationships have never been the true love of my life so far.

Until I had enough time to realise the love that each one of us as human beings search for was already there for me, I just didn’t quite absorb it that way.

You have to know what your major priority is and mine is my career. I love my family, granted, but I mean, the bills gotta get paid.”

While the star gets plenty of attention from men, she confessed they are usually married and simply make small talk while she is shopping in home improvement stores.

“I go to Home Depot, the place where you buy nails and hammers.

But a lot of the men in there chatting you up have wedding rings on and you’re like, ‘You ain’t right, brother.’ Guys will be guys – they’re not dead because they’re married. I’m fully aware of what the situation is now.”

Meanwhile, Anastacia previously admitted to be dating on occasion but isn’t looking to get married.

She shared: “I am dating. I don’t want to be specific but I am enjoying it. I wouldn’t marry again but I would totally commit and be someone’s soulmate.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching and it’s my career that is the love of my life. I’ve spent a long time searching but I’ve had it with me, my whole life.”

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