Amy Adams’ daughter has strong opinions about her

Amy Adams says her six-year-old daughter considers herself more rock ‘n’ roll and the actress just doesn’t have it in her.

The 42-year-old actress – who shares little Aviana with husband Darren LeGallo – at least admires the fact that her daughter defines herself and is developing her own personality.

She told Elle magazine: “She defines herself differently to me and I like that. She said, ‘Mum, I’m more rock ‘n’ roll than you. You’re not very rock ‘n’ roll.’ And I said, ‘You’re right.'”

And while the star considers herself a powerful mother, she isn’t quite sure if the same attitude applies to her career.

“I don’t know if I feel more powerful as an actress but I feel powerful as a mother and more powerful than I did in my 20s. I dont know what that means for my career – that’s yet to be seen. But as a woman, if I lose something because of the honesty of who I am, then I don’t care.”

Amy changed her perspective after filming American Hustle, as she found it hard to let go of the project during her time off.

She explained: “I’d be distracted and left with my character or an experience from the day. Even though I was present with my family, there was a part of me that was still wrapped up in myself and I didn’t like that.

I couldn’t figure out what to do but when it got crazy, it became clear. I wasn’t fully enjoying my time on set because I wasn’t at home and I wasn’t fully enjoying my time at home, I just felt thin. My expectations of myself were so high, I needed to allow myself to be flawed, both at work and at home, and accept I’m not perfect and able to do it all.”

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