Alexander Skarsgard isn’t happy as an actor

Despite a successful acting career, Alexander Skarsgard isn’t quite sure where he stands in life and still struggles to find his footing.

The 40-year-old actor believes his life is “still s**t” and has even questioned his career choice. He is, however, grateful for the opportunities he’s had over the years.

When talking about his career path, he said: “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I get. Getting drunk on someone else’s dime listening to Abba is brilliant, but my life is still s**t. I’m still agonising. What the f**k am I doing with my life? Where do I belong? Who gives a f**k? Let me assure you, it doesn’t get any better.”

The Legend of Tarzan star – who also made a lasting impression on the TV show True Blood – revealed he had no interest in fame while growing up. He tried his best to be a normal teenager and blend in, which led him to join the Swedish militia as a way to rebel against his family.

“I was desperate to be normal and blend in. That was my way to rebel.”

Whether he likes it or not, it appears that the hunk is in Hollywood to stay – at least for a while. He was recently cast as detective Terry Monroe in War on Everyone and admitted to be excited about the film.

He revealed to The Guardian newspaper: “It’s so un-PC, it’s so me. You could tell [director] John [Michael McDonagh] didn’t give a f**k about anything, which I found refreshing in a script.

I’d read a couple of comedies but nothing that was fun or intelligent enough. When I got this script and it was dark and twisted and weird and completely out there, I was excited. [John is] a beautiful soul, which helps when you insult everyone.”

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