Alex James is calling for an ‘Oasis’ comeback

Singer Alex James says he would like nothing more than to see Oasis reform because the band still has much more to offer. And the band’s own Liam Gallagher agrees, as he is willing to bring it back from the dead if only his older brother, Noel, would put their differences aside.

The Blur singer, whose own group split in 2003 and subsequently bounced back in 2008, is hoping that his former rivals would work out their brotherly problems someday.

Alex told Yahoo Celeb: “I really do hope they do get back together. It’s a wonderful thing. When you’ve got something that’s so important in your life it’s really horrible to be estranged from it really.

It is kind of heartbreaking. It would be a shame to think it was lying dormant or it was never going to happen again. It’s a really precious thing, it’s a craft and it would be a disaster to think it would go to waste.”

The singer’s desire to see an Oasis comeback may come as a surprise to fans, considering the two were once huge rivals. However, he is positive there is nothing short of mutual respect nowadays.

When asked whether he ever runs into Noel or Liam, he revealed: “Yeah occasionally, I think both bands sort of really earned each other’s respect in the end. I certainly respect them.”

Although Blur continues to sell out gigs and have a large following, Alex accepts that their music may no longer be comparable to the material they released when younger.

“Pop music is the dreams of youth expressed by the voices of youth. I think a lot of people in bands can suffer because if success is going to come in music it tends to come quite quickly and quite young.

And you can spend the rest of your life being defined by something you did when you were really, really young.

A lot of people in bands suffer with that, you know Led Zeppelin aren’t going to write another ‘Stairway To Heaven’ are they?

“But I do sort of firmly believe that I might invent the best cheese in the world, ever.”

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