Adele wants a low-key wedding

Adele may be financially stable thanks to a successful career, but that hasn’t stopped her from planning a low-key, budget wedding to Simon Konecki.

The 28-year-old star – who reportedly has a £92 million fortune – has revealed to friends she wants a rather simple, straight-forward ceremony.

A source told Heat magazine: “Adele said she doesn’t want her wedding to be formal and show-offy.

She wants it to be about who they are as a couple. Adele would happily have a small ceremony, then dish out the bangers and mash afterwards. She’s not tight – she’s happy to pay for everyone to have a great day – she just doesn’t want it to be stuffy.”

The two love birds – who have been dating for five years – are currently residing in California and will likely marry in the state so that Simon’s daughter from a past relationship can attend. However, Adele also plans to host a separate celebration in the UK for her friends and family to experience.

The source continued: “Adele is still on tour so she would be happy with a simple registry office and knees-up with her closest friends.

A good wedding is about having true friends. After the LA wedding, she’ll have a gathering back at home so that no one feels left out. It won’t be star-studded either. She will invite all her mates she grew up with as well as old friends like Alan Carr and Sid Owen too.

She doesn’t really drink so there will be plenty of booze on tap for her guests to make sure they enjoy themselves.”

Despite her wish for a simple wedding, the artist will be very meticulous about choosing the right wedding dress.

“She’s addicted to watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ when she’s on tour. She’s promised Simon she won’t go Bridezilla but she wants to get the right frock for her big day. She’s considering a splash of colour but it will still be traditional.”

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