Adam Levine shares first picture of his newborn daughter

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo just shared a picture of their newborn daughter through Instagram. The two welcomed Dusty Rose on September 21 in California and have been fairly open by keeping their fans in the loop.

The photo shows the baby sleeping against Adam’s chest, along with the caption written by Behati: “Words can’t describe [love] Dusty Rose Levine 9/21/16.”

This followed by Adam, who wrote: “Dusty Rose Levine 9/21/16.”

Dusty Rose Levine 9/21/16

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The singer had recently revealed his excitement about being a father and expressed how much he wants to spoil his family.

He added: “It’s awesome. I’m going to be a dad. S**t, I’m excited. I’m going to be a f***ing dad. I’m going to spoil Behati …

Kid’s not even out yet. Can’t be spoiling a kid before a kid gets out.”

The 37-year-old also said he is undoubtedly ready to be a parent, insisting that this is what humans are here for: “I’m ready to be a dad. You’re born to be a parent, that’s what we’re here for, really. All the other s*** is great, but it’s not what we’re here for.”

He has, however, ignored some advice offered by others, insisting to raise their child in their own way.

“When you are doing this for the first time, everybody loves to tell you what you should be doing. So, we’re kind of tuning a lot of it out and we’re just going to do it how we do it.”

Adam had previously revealed how much he wanted to be a dad, expressing his desire to have a big family shortly after marrying the 27-year-old model back in 2014.

He stated: “We’re definitely going to do it. I want to have 100 kids. I want to have more kids than would be socially responsible. [I want] like, 17. Is that reasonable? I love kids so much though.”

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