15 Skincare Products For A Revitalized Face

2016 has been the year of a lot of things. And not just realizing things, as Kylie Jenner would put it.

Aggressive contouring, face baking, and Instagram eyebrows dominated the beauty world this year. But now we’re seeing the onset of a very different trend– minimalist makeup with a focus on skincare over heavy coverage.

A fresh, dewy, natural face is going to be the best fashion accessory of this upcoming year and these fifteen products will help you get that glossy glow.

15. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier Milky Jelly CleanserGlossier is a new skincare and cosmetics brand that is exploding in the US, and they’ve also been teasing international shipping recently too. Their Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of their more favorable products for its creamy gel formula and ability to be used directly on the eyelids. You read correctly– you can now wash away eye makeup without going temporarily blind.

14. Biossance The Purifier Cleansing Oil

Biossance The Purifier Cleansing OilCleansing oil sounds a little scary to oily-faced girls who have never used it. How could oil possibly be used to wash your face? Biossance’s Purifier Soothing Cleansing Oil lathers up when combined with water for a deep cleaning experience that leaves skin moisturized, not tight and dry like typical facial cleansers that aren’t oil-based.

13. Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel

Dr.G Brightening Peeling GelDr.G has a slew of fantastic skincare products, more of which will be included in this list. The Korean beauty company’s Brightening Peeling Gel is one of the best exfoliants around. A chemical exfoliant may seem a little scary, but this peeling gel is formulated for sensitive skin types and even has anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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